Helping People Improve their Lives by 

Balancing their Body, Mind, & Soul

Are you exhausted from the same pattern of struggles repeating over and over?

Are you feeling lost, anxious, worried, depressed, and not know who to turn to?

Are you losing sleep, appetite, and mobility or do you look for solutions midnight in the fridge?

Healing Hearts Counselling walks beside you on your journey of turning your struggles into strengths. In our therapeutic alliance, we can rediscover your healthier self which is already within you. We will take a holistic approach in psychotherapy to cater to your cultural and spiritual sensitivities and balance your body, mind, & soul.

Therapy sessions are provided by Licensed and Registered Psychotherapists. If you have extended insurance, check your coverage for Registered Psychotherapists.

* Healing Hearts Counselling is a mental and spiritual health service offered by Move N Improve Canada – a nonprofit organization helping people balance their body, mind, and soul. *

Awards, Partnerships & Grants from MNIC’s Engagements

  • Proudly partnered with SPORTCHEK CANADA

  • House of Commons – Leading Women Building Communities 2018 Award

  • Toronto Public Health – Investment in Youth Engagement Grant 2018

  • Province of Ontario – Leading Women Building Communities 2018 Award

  • Jack Layton Award 2018 – Dr. Roz Healing Place for Services to Abused Women and Children’s Shelter Home

  • Husna Inc. Award of Recognition 2018 for Outstanding Support and Contribution

  • University of Toronto – The Entering Theological Education Grant 2018